Underwrite an Hour of the United Way Radiothon

RADIOTHON What is it?

The Radiothon is an on-air auction benefiting United Way's local community partner agencies. Hundreds of donated items are auctioned on Four Corners Broadcasting stations during the Radiothon. Support your community, donate an item and receive radio, print, and web recognition for your business.

Get Great Deals
Support Great Agencies
Get Great Business Recognition

Underwrite an hour of the Radiothon and receive the following recognition.

Highlight your business and support for our community with:

  • A 60 second underwriting message aired the week of the event and during your sponsored hour on 101.3 FM KIQX, 100.5 FM KRSJ & 930 AM 97.3FM KIUP.
  • 10 live mentions (minimum) of your business during your sponsored hour.
  • Recognition of your business in our full page ad in the Durango Herald the day of the event.
  • Your business name, logo, and other information highlighted on the 'Item list' of Radiothon website during your sponsored hour.
  • We will also display your banner or logo on a sign at our broadcast location during the Radiothon.
  • Optional* opportunity for your employees to be Radiothon phone volunteers.
    *A two hour commitment required.
  • A donation receipt from a 501 (C) (3) organization.

Underwrite two hours and receive an additional 60 pre-recorded interview that airs at least once-daily the week of the event!

Underwriting Prices:
8:00-9:00 $500
9:00-10:00 $500
10:00-11:00 $500
11:00-12:00 $750
12:00-1:00 $750
1:00-2:00 $750
2:00-3:00 $750
3:00-4:00 $1000
4:00-5:00 $1000
5:00-6:00 $1000

Select your hour now.
Contact, Elise Savastano

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