TUNE IN (KIQX 101.3, KRSJ 100.5, KIUP 930 ) September 7, 2018
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Steam Locomotive Cab Ride (1 Adult) Item Number: 917

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Steam Locomotive Cab Ride (1 Adult)
Steam Locomotive Cab Ride (1 Adult) Date: Must book your own reservation based on availability at time of booking. 1 Adult Experience a day in the life of a steam engineer and fireman while riding in the Cab of one of our steam locomotives one way between Durango and Silverton! Train transportation will be provided in the opposite direction of your Cab ride. You will be issued the official D&SNGRR attire for your excursion which is then yours to keep! Advance reservation is required for this special trip. Must be 18+ years of age.
Category: Entertainment and Recreation
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Voucher # 52769 Valid for one year from date of issue. No cash value
Donated By: D&SNGRR
  • Bid Increment: $100.00 Value: $1,000.00
  • Starting Bid: $250.00
  • Minimum Bid: $250.00