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One (1) whole body or local treatment Item Number: 3519

Item Information
One (1) whole body or local treatment
Experience state of the art cryotherapy, using sub-zero temperatures to create conditions for tissue regeneration and repair. It could be the best three minutes of your life!
Category: Spa
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January 1, 2018
Donated By: Cryomedspa
  • Bid Increment: $5.00 Value: $60.00
  • Starting Bid: $35.00
  • Minimum Bid: $35.00
Business Fun Facts:
"Come in and try a sub-zero cryotherapy treatment, offering the whole body experience or spot/localized and facial treatments. Some of the benefits you may experience include reduced inflammation and pain reduction. Our treatments will enrich and oxygenate the blood to stimulate cellular regrowth, boosting the longevity and function of your mitochondria. Improving the health of the immune and endocrine systems."