TUNE IN (KIQX 101.3, KRSJ 100.5, KIUP 930 ) September 7, 2018
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5,000 feet of 2-3/8" Red Band Scrap pipe tubing Item Number: 1315

Item Information
5,000 feet of 2-3/8" Red Band Scrap pipe tubing
5,000 feet of 2-3/8" Red Band scrap pipe tubing, comes in pieces.This tubing is meant to be used only for fencing or comparable needs deemed to be non-structural in any way. This pipe has passed NORM inspection upon entry to Tuboscope facility off of our locations and is deemed safe for the needs of fencing or other non-industrial related items therein.
Category: Energy
Expiration Date or Other Exclusions:
Expires 10/31/17
Donated By: WPX Energy
WPX Energy

  • WPX Energy
    721 South Main Avenue
    Aztec NM 87410-1800
    Web Address: www.wpxenergy.com

  • And contributed to the Radiothon for: 4 Years
  • Bid Increment: $200.00 Value: $6,000.00
  • Starting Bid: $1,500.00
  • Minimum Bid: $1,500.00
Business Fun Facts:
WPX Energy specializes in producing natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids from non-conventional resources such as tight-sands and shale formations. We’re in some of the best resource plays in the nation: North Dakota’s Williston Basin, New Mexico’s San Juan Basin and Colorado’s Piceance Basin.