Event Info and Bidding Tips

Official Event Info
  • Date:
  • Time: 8am-6pm
  • Broadcast Location:
    Boys and Girls Club of La Plata County
    2750 Main Avenue
    Durango, CO 81301
  • Tune in: 101.3 FM KIQX, 100.5 FM KRSJ, 930 AM 97.3FM KIUP.
  • Bid Line: (970) 382-UWAY(8929)
  • Help Line Event Day Only: 970-382-8930
Helpful Bidding Tips
KIQX -101.3 FM, KRSJ- 100.5 FM or KIUP- 930 AM 97.3 FM
Four Corners Broadcasting keeps the official time and informs bidders of current bids and hot items.
A few weeks prior to the event items are available for viewing.
  • Explore our website and view items.
  • Read about items and any restrictions that may apply.
  • View pictures and learn about the donating business.
  • Plan out your bidding strategy -know what hour your favorite items are up for bid.
(970) 382-UWAY(8929)
  • Bid High- When you want an item GO for it. If you only increase the bid by the minimum chances are you will be out bid. Remember: funds raised benefit 30 LOCAL NON-PROFIT agencies.
  • Call Early- Phone lines get very busy at the end of the hour. Remember: every bid you make helps people in our community!
Radiothon Information and Bidding Tips

Official Time and Information

Kept by Four Corners Broadcasting (FCB). Chimes mark the end of each hour. Any official announcements are made on 101.3 FM KIQX, 100.5 FM KRSJ, 930 AM 97.3FM KIUP.

Items for Bid

Descriptions and information including bid time and amount, can be found on our website www.uwradiothon.org. All items and times are listed in the Durango Herald the day of the event. Please note, some exclusions and limitations apply. Read the item descriptions fully before calling the bid hot line.

Item times and starting amounts are subject to change. Stay tuned in and logged on for up to date information.

Bidding on an Item

Bids are made by calling (970) 382-UWAY(8929)
By attending the event in person and making a bid at our walk up bidding station.
Each item has a minimum bid increment that must be met in order to make a bid. Bidders must have a valid telephone number in order to place a bid.

Over Bidding

Winning an Item

The bidder with the highest bid at the end of the hour wins. Bids in progress when the end of hour is signaled will be completed and accepted. Winners are declared by United Way staff and announced on air and posted on the Radiothon website, after the following hour. Bidders may also call the event information line to see if they won. Please allow one hour to finalize winners.


Items may be picked up at the event location until 6:00pm the day of the event. Please be prepared to pay with: check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Winners will be contacted by the United Way office staff beginning the following Monday to make arrangements to pick up items at the United Way Office 1315 Main Ave., Suite 121. Items can be picked up 10 am- 3 pm or, can be sent by mail for an extra $3. We also accept payment over the phone or via mail.

Items not picked up by the end of the 2nd week of October will be considered abandoned and offered to the next bidder, or sold at another United Way auction.

Contact Us

For questions, contact our Radiothon Coordinator Jodi Jahrling at 970-247-9444 x10 orĀ jodij@unitedway-swco.org

Thanks to Our United Way Radiothon Partners

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